Salvatore D'avino was born in 1985 in Campania.
He has been always looking for new motivating forces to escape from the monotony of everyday life, finding out that music is the best way to express his own creativity. He studied guitar and voice and set up both his own rehearsal and a recording studios. His musical tastes range from all of singer-songwriters to rock'n'roll, from classical music to blues with a special regard to new releases.
His career starts forming a band and playing music around Naples, he competed in several music contests and competitions. In the meantime he writes songs about everything he finds in his own reality, from written text to the guitar, from his computer to your ears.
In November 2009 he moved from Naples to Rome to work on his first EP entitled "In Ogni Storia" produced by Tosky Records that will be launched this summer. In 2010 he participates in the 53° edition of Castrocaro Festival getting through to the semi-final.